Juliette Redden


actress. singer. dancer.




It all started when…

I was born in St. Louis, Missouri, but I didn’t stay there for long. I went on to live in California, Virginia, South Korea, Florida, Virginia again, Nevada, and then Texas. Why so many places you might ask? Well… Navy brat would be the answer. If moving around taught me one thing it is to enjoy where I am and the people I am with.

I spent the last four years doing just that at Texas State University under the direction of Kaitlin Hopkins, Jim Price, Michael Maresca, Cassie Abate, and Kiira Schmidt. I made my professional debut at Theater Aspen, and went on to work at The Red Mountain Theater Company, and Wagon Wheel Theater Company.

I am a proud native French speaker, thanks to my mother. Alongside all this, I like to dip my toes in yoga, fitness, baking, anything outside, and the color green.